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For A Modern Girl With A Vintage Style


Obsessed with beautiful clothing since childhood, I remember sketching clothing, making clothing for my barbies and watching old movies to see the clothing (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, To Catch a Thief, Rear Window and Gidget were my favorites).  Those and other old movies have been my inspiration of clothing that is feminine yet strong.  My college of choice pulled me away from my childhood state of Washington and landed me in Provo Utah where I got a degree and met some of my closest friends.  For 

10 years I have worked in an office setting and have worked to avoid the boxy suiting from department stores.  It was so hard finding things that flattered the female body yet didn’t look like I was going clubbing.  Eventually I resorted to getting alterations and then started to make my own clothing.


In 2014 I had a opportunity to sit in on a seminar at Oxford, after two weeks of different business classes I realized that more than anything I wanted to pursue my childhood dream of designing clothing.  At this point I had already started making clothing for myself and it was just realizing that others might have 

had the same struggle finding clothing that was feminine and strong as well.


The seminar in Oxford was on social entrepreneurism, in one of the classes it talked about how in history the countries which would become strong economically usually started with textiles and once that was strong, branched out to other industries.  At one time the United States produced most of it’s own textiles and then gradually became more dependent on other countries for the manufacturing of its clothing, many of those other countries consisting of sweat shops for production.  My clothing 

production is not going to change how people shop for clothing nor is it going to inspire others to try and purchase goods made in the United States, what it will do is give me a sound mind on how I chose to do business and what I chose to support.


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